Irmari Who Am I? Project


Who Am I? is an interactive project where the viewer becomes part of the artwork. Headshots of a variety of people are shown to the viewer who is asked to describe the person in the photo, and then describe himself. The pictures and responses of 100 + people will form a wall which will examine the way we view other people, as well as our selves.

         Are we seeing prejudicially? Are we all seeing the same thing? Are we being viewed by others as we see ourselves? The idea is to get ordinary people involved in seeing and evaluating what they are seeing...and to challenge their preconceived notions. It is hoped that a dialogue will be opened examining judgement, differences, similarities, and casual opinions.

This project has been partially funded through a grant from the Puffin Foundation

this is a sample of the grid of faces

this is a sample of an answered questionaire

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